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BANDAI NAMCO India to Sell Character Goods at Limited Time Store

BANDAI NAMCO India (headquartered in Mumbai) set up a pop-up store for a limited time in a large shopping mall in Navi Mumbai near Mumbai for a month from May 1 to 31. The store was crowded with visitors, displaying a total of more than 120 popular character goods, including "Dragon Ball," "One Piece," "Naruto," and "Blade of Demon's Destruction," all of which originated in Japan.

The company has been operating one of India's largest amusement facilities in the mall since January 2020, but is still considering full-scale entry into the character goods sales business that the Namco Bandai Group is developing. The establishment of the pop-up store is also a trial effort following the company's participation in the Delhi Comic-Con and Mumbai Comic-Con.

According to Takeo Yagi, Director and COO of BANDAI NAMCO India, by targeting May, when schools in India are closed for long vacations, the company aims to attract young people, mainly in their late teens and early 20s, to the store. In addition, the company has successfully received a great deal of feedback as a result of a campaign in which customers can enjoy special offers by filling out questionnaires using their own smartphones. In addition, the company has confirmed that the use of Instagram has had a significant promotional effect among social networking services, with the spread of promotional videos and images through retweets and other means leading to an increase in the number of store visits.

In addition, many unlicensed and counterfeit character goods are distributed in India. In this mall, there are several stores that sell unlicensed goods, and the price difference between these goods and regular goods is generally less than a quarter of the regular price. On the other hand, according to the company's survey, about 30% of all potential consumers are willing to buy the genuine products even if the price is higher. In the pop-up store, the company also tried to educate visitors to the store about the genuine products by displaying a sign stating that all products handled by the store are genuine.


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