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Green nest Environmental Industry Platform dispatches environment-related mission to Japan

The Green Xu Environmental Industry Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Green Xu") sent a mission group consisting of 20 Chinese environment-related companies to Japan from May 24 to 31, 2012. The mission had been conducted 15 times before, but was cancelled in 2019 due to the spread of the new coronavirus, so this was the first mission in three and a half years.

The mission members then visited public facilities such as a cleaning plant in Machida City, Tokyo, and a sludge treatment facility in Yokohama City, new energy-related facilities such as the Hydrogen Information Center Tokyo Swissomil, and waste treatment and recycling facilities in Tokyo Super Eco Town located in the Tokyo waterfront area. Engineering, and other Japanese companies engaged in environmental projects, and had lively discussions between Chinese and Japanese companies at an exchange meeting hosted by Mizuho Bank.

Wang Shiwen, chairman of the board of directors of the Green Xu, using his company's own analysis data, said, "Japanese companies have a clear advantage in solutions, technical equipment, and practical experience in the areas of low carbonization and resource recycling. Many Chinese companies are willing to introduce advanced technologies and equipment from Japan and other countries, but some products do not meet the needs of environmental governance in China, and business practices and language barriers make it difficult to say that Sino-Japanese cooperation in the environmental field is still active.

A Japanese company that interacted with the mission members commented, "Seeing the improvement of Chinese companies' technological capabilities in existing fields, it is time for Japanese companies to consider a change in their policies toward their China operations so that they can respond to the needs of the Chinese market for low carbon emissions, such as energy conservation and new energy sources. Mission members commented that a major challenge is to find lower-cost, more efficient facilities that can meet China's increasingly strict environmental policies and the burden of waste disposal costs. In addition, both Japanese and Chinese companies commented that they look forward to the creation and promotion of exchange opportunities at all levels and the establishment and utilization of information platforms as a result of the mission's dispatch.


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