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JERA Announces Completion of Gas Turbine Modification for Hydrogen Mixed Combustion at U.S. Plant

Power generation giant JERA announced on June 7 that it has completed a gas turbine modification for hydrogen utilization at Unit 6 of its Linden Gas-fired power plant in New Jersey, USA. JERA, through its U.S. subsidiary JERA Americas, Inc. JERA, through its U.S. subsidiary JERA Americas (headquartered in Houston, Texas), had decided to proceed with the modification of the gas turbine at Unit 6 of the power plant to enable co-firing of natural gas with gas containing hydrogen supplied from Phillips 66's Bayway oil refinery.

According to JERA, the use of hydrogen for power generation in Japan is expected to take time, given the need to procure hydrogen at an economically rational price and to develop carrier technologies. JERA is working to resolve these issues, and by using hydrogen at power plants in areas where it can be procured ahead of others, the company aims to accumulate technological capabilities and experience that can be deployed in future power generation projects in Japan and overseas.

With the completion of the construction work, Unit 6 of the power plant will be able to burn up to 40% (by volume) of hydrogen. The effective use of gas containing hydrogen supplied from an oil refinery adjacent to the power plant is expected to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the power plant's Unit 6 and the oil refinery.


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