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Ask Hirai for your translations ! Standing by to hear from you !
I provide translations that convey meaning , are easy to read , and are faithful to the source text.
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How I Translate

  1. I pick out important key words, as I read the entire text and grasp the general picture of the document.

  2. I carefully look up related information to the important key words and examples of their use, and record these.

  3. I then meticulously read the text to fully understand the document.

  4. I start translating.

  5. With a grasp on the content, I completely translate the document from the beginning, one sentence at a time (no machine translation involved).

  6. After translating a sentence, I carefully check to make sure no nuances are lost between the source text and the translation.

  7. Immediately after I translate a paragraph, I meticulously read the text, checking for any errors or typos, if the text sounds natural in context, etc.

  8. After I translate the entire document, I check if meaning is conveyed, if anything sounds unnatural, etc.

  9. I then check if the numbers and figures in the source match the translated text.

  10. I submit the finished translation to the client.

  11. Once I receive confirmation from the client, the translation is finished. If anything needs to be addressed, I will respond immediately.

Most of my projects are done using Trados, with a daily input capacity of up to 10,000 Japanese characters. Final drafts are checked by native English speaker translation partners to ensure the content will be clear and natural to other English speakers. I also offer DTP services to provide edited, translated files in an identical layout to the original. My experience also allows me to handle large volume projects with short deadlines.

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