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Do you accept hardcopy of documents for translation?

We accept file formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, hardcopies and PDF documents, and jpg data.

Please feel free to inquire with us about any other file formats.

Do you provide support after completion of delivery?

We offer an indefinite period warranty for the translations after delivery and will re-check contents if you have any concerns or if modifications are required in the deliverables.

Do you accept documents in any file format?

We accept file formats of commonly used software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Depending on the structure of the manuscript, we may charge a fee for preparing the layout or formatting the file. We may sometimes suggest a method for the layout or format that may not require a fee. Please get in touch with us for details.

Is a bilingual glossary required to be provided?

If customers provide a bilingual glossary, we can refer to the glossary and maintain the consistency of technical and other terms. We recommend a glossary to be provided if a document or a set of documents contains many technical terms or words that need to be replaced by particular words in the target language so that the translated manuscript meets your requirements.

What is the procedure if the English translation of the bibliography or manuscript parts is not required?

We can provide a better service if you highlight the specified areas and mention, “Retain highlighted areas without any changes”.

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