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Ban on Export of Heat-Treated Japanese Pork to Taiwan Lifted

Jan. 19, 2023

On January 16, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, amended Article 16 of the "Import Quarantine Standards for Quarantine Items. The amendment sets new quarantine conditions for the importation of Japanese pork products into Taiwan. In addition, a list of accredited facilities for edible pork products was also released on the same day. From now on, pork products produced at certified facilities on the list can be exported from Japan to Taiwan.

Taiwanese imports of Japanese pork and related products had been suspended since November 2018 due to the outbreak of swine fever in Japan, and according to the Guidelines for Handling Pork Products for Export to Taiwan published by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on January 18, "pork products" means processed products in which the raw meat used is pork only, or products further processed from this The Japanese government has established a policy of exporting agricultural, forestry, fisheries and food products to Taiwan.

The Japanese government aims to increase the export value of agricultural, forestry, marine and food products to 2 trillion yen by 2025 and to 5 trillion yen by 2030, and the export target by item in the "Strategy for Expanding Exports of Agricultural, Forestry, Marine Products and Foods" is to increase the export value of pork to Taiwan to 70 million yen by 2025. One of the challenges to achieving this goal has been "lifting the ban on the export of heat-processed products," and the company has requested the Taiwanese authorities to lift the ban on the import of pork products.


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