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Kaicom and Watami Establish Joint Venture to Strengthen Staffing in Japan(Bangladesh, Japan)

On January 26, Kaicom Group, which is engaged in IT and consulting businesses in both Japan and Bangladesh, as well as Japanese language education for Bangladeshi personnel, signed a joint venture agreement with Watam*, which is engaged in the restaurant and human resource service businesses in Japan and other countries. On the same day, a ceremony was held in Dhaka City to celebrate the establishment of a new company, Kaicom Dream Street BD Co.

The company was established to dispatch technical interns and specified technical interns from Bangladesh to Japan, as well as to build a solid follow-up system before and after dispatch, including pre-deployment training to meet the needs of the host country and aftercare for the interns after their arrival in Japan. In addition to the seven technical intern trainees scheduled to be dispatched to Japan by the company in 2023, the establishment ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh Kiminori Iwama, Watami Chairman and President Miki Watanabe, Assistant Secretary General of the Ministry of Overseas Migration, Overseas Migration and Employment (MoeMOE) of Bangladesh Abdul Qadeer, and representatives of the state-owned company, Bangladesh Overseas Employment Services Corporation (BOES), which is under the Ministry's umbrella, and the Bangladesh Ministry of Employment and Welfare (MOHW). Mr. Molik Anowar Hossain, Managing Director of Bangladesh Overseas Employment Services Limited (BOESL), a state-owned company under the Ministry, and others attended the meeting.

Ambassador Iwama said, "Japan and Bangladesh will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2022 (see November 21, 2022 article), and 2023 will be the start of the next 50 years. Both countries expect to deepen mutual cooperation through human resources support from Bangladesh and economic cooperation by Japan. Japan has started accepting foreign human resources with more advanced specified skills from 2022. We hope that this joint venture will contribute to building a win-win relationship between the two countries.

Note that the number of Bangladeshi specified skills and technical intern trainees in Japan is only 215, or 0.07% of the total (325,789), which is small compared to the number of Nepalese (1,058) in the neighboring country (as of the end of December 2021). Das Anjan, CEO of the Kaikom Group, told JETRO in an interview, "In this project, we would like to contribute to the issue of human resource shortage in Japan while focusing on pre-training and follow-up services for Bangladeshi human resources. We would like to contribute to Japan's human resource shortage issue by focusing on pre-deployment training and follow-up follow-up for Bangladeshi personnel. We would like to help Bangladeshi personnel experience the beauty of Japan and encourage their success in Japan, leading to the development of human resource exchange between the two countries in the future.


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