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Mitsubishi Corporation, RWE of Germany Form Alliance to Establish Fuel Ammonia Supply Chain

February 09, 2023

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) announced on February 8 that it has agreed to form a strategic alliance with RWE Supply and Trading (headquartered in Essen, Germany) and Lotte Chemical (headquartered in Seoul, Korea) to establish a large-scale and stable supply chain for fuel ammonia in Asia, Europe, and the United States. (headquartered in Seoul, Korea) to form a strategic alliance to establish a large-scale and stable fuel ammonia supply chain in Asia, Europe and the United States. As part of the alliance, the two companies will begin a joint study for a fuel ammonia production business at the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

The joint study will examine the construction of blue ammonia and green ammonia manufacturing facilities and shared shipping facilities with the aim of exporting to Asia and Europe. This manufacturing project is planned to have multiple production lines and produce up to 10 million tons of fuel ammonia per year. The three companies will jointly formulate a manufacturing business development plan and aim to start production of the first production line by 2030.

MC has been involved in the ammonia trading business since the late 1960s, and intends to utilize the knowledge it has accumulated in its business and its experience in building energy supply chains to develop clean energy around the world in order to introduce fuel ammonia to Japan. The Japanese government's Public-Private Council for the Introduction of Fuel Ammonia has published a roadmap for the introduction of fuel ammonia, setting Japan's anticipated ammonia import volume at 3 million tons per year in 2030 and 30 million tons per year in 2050.


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